About Us

We are Sagad Farms Limited

Your Partner For Organic Farm Products

Who We Are

Sagad Farms owns and operates on 420 Hectares of land in Tiga Dam Area of Kano State. We own state of the art machines and irrigation facilities that enable us to be in production all year round.

The company is into commercial seed rice, paddy production, aggregation and Agric Services. In recent years we have expanded into other field crops such as maize, sorghum and soy beans.

Leveraging on its distribution network and strong expertise in Rice production, Sagad is venturing into milling to create more direct market presence in the country.

Our Products

Our rice is fast becoming a market leader in Nigeria. Our brand “Dantata Parboiled Rice” offers consumers a range of high-quality, stone free, non-sticky, vitamin filled and affordable rice in markets all over Nigeria.

Among other By-products the company offers which includes stabilized rice bran for animal feed and broken rice

Our Mission~

To produce quality food that  positively impact peoples lives.

Our Vision~

To be the biggest food and beverage company in Africa 

Management Staff