June 12, 2024

I am pleased to introduce one of them to you, she is Yelfa Abba and a tractor operator with us.

When we decided to encourage and support women trainees who showed interest in the male dominated feilds, we did well to be sure that we designed a strategic routine that will guide them into into excellence within each identified department.

Yelfa Abba was a trainee we thought wouldn’t be part of our empowerment scheme, but she became one with the most identified courage and resilience.

After distributing these women to their various departments, unfortunately for yelfa there was no room for accepting her. The only department left to be occupied was for tractor operators.

Then we told Yelfa that we were unable to enroll her at the moment because we had exhausted every opening we had. 

She wasn’t happy about the news and our onboarding team decided to uplift her spirit by telling her she did so well in the interview and we wish we could help enroll her immediately, then she asked if there was any other department left to be occupied that she could fit in aside the highlighted departments?

Our director, decided to mention the only opening available to yelfa; to our greatest surprise, she instantly accepted the offer, we didn’t believe she would.

So we asked yelfa if she knows how to drive and she said she doesn’t. This was another tough one for us, because one of the criteria for becoming a tractor operator is knowing how to drive.

Indeed, yelfa meant those words, she conquered every fear that would have led to failure and learnt the art of operating a tractor on a farmland, I am glad to say she is our first ever female tractor operator, isn’t this amazing?

How was this possible?

Yelfa Abba went through a rigorous driving/operating lessons from one of our best tutor at sagadfarms. Learning directly from experts as always been a gateway to success and yelfa proved this too. We also must commend her for her courage, she is now another woman who has become a trailblazer in a male dominated field.

“Now with my new acquired skill, I believe in a future that is full of opportunities, I can also forseen my children getting access to quality life & education, I am now respected in my community and I intend to inspire and transfer this skill to other women whom are willing to take up the challenge to breaking the barrier in agriculture and agro processing”, so she said while appreciating sagadfarms for the quality life she has gained in the last few months.